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Main Line rowers shine at 5th Manny Flick

Main Line rowers made their mark at the 5th Manny Flick/Horvat Series, held Sunday, April 23, on the Schuylkill River. Here are the results of the Main Line crew teams, as submitted by the respective rowing squads:

Agnes Irwin

Six of the seven boats launched by The Agnes Irwin School finished in third place or better in the 5th Manny Flick.

“We had 22 girls competing today, and most of our boats had new line-ups,” said AIS head coach Josselyn Delussey. “We’re especially proud of our freshmen rowers, who competed in their very first race, as well as our upperclassmen, who performed admirably the day after their prom!”

Three AIS boats placed second in their heats: the Freshmen/Novice 2x (Shreya Mathawan, Naya Weems), the Freshmen 4x (Peyton Bond, Madeline Briddell, Ella Haines, Liza Pendergast), and the Ltwt 4+ (Maya Brown-Hunt, Gabriella D’Arcangelo, Juliana Jaskot, Sydney McCarthy and coxswain Rosie Sokoll).

The Girls’ Lightweight 4+ (Coxswain Rosie Sokoll, Maya Brown-Hunt, Gabby D’Arcangelo, Sydney McCarthy and Juliana Jaskot) from The Agnes Irwin School finished second in their heat at the 5h Manny Flick on Sunday, April 23. (Photo credit: Annamaria Jaskot)

The JV 4x (Emma Bonner, Anna Cayley, Rose Lawrence, Lexi Short) raced in a time trial format and, despite an unfortunate run-in with another boat, finished third out of 14 entries.

Two other AIS boats boasted third-place finishes: the JV 2x (Carson Heward, Sarah Yoh) and the Lightweight 4x (Perry Maner, Caroline Richardson, Anisah Thomas, Cameron Zuccarini).

Baldwin School

Outstanding performances this week came from the junior varsity quad (Julia love bow, Tara McMahon two, Jane Bai three, and Hailey Barnett stroke), who defeated Agnes Irwin by four seconds to score a second place finish overall; and the varsity double (Jasmine Greytok bow and Carolina Kiser stroke), who secured a third place finish and had a close race with Germantown Friends School and Conestoga.

Lightweight double (Zara Wenzinger bow and Olivia Lanchoney stroke) continued their winning streak at this week’s Flick. The lightweights earned their fourth consecutive first-place finish this weekend, finishing over 20 seconds ahead of second place and remaining undefeated going into the City Championships May 6-7.

Junior varsity double of Juliet Paiva (bow) and Gabrielle Alston (stroke) finished fourth in their flight and sixth in their event, moving up the rankings as they continue to improve throughout the season.

In her first race in the junior varsity single, Da’Naira Dent finished third in her flight and sixth overall.

Lightweight double of Maya Bindra (bow) and Jessica Shen (stroke) finished fourth in their flight and eighth overall in their event. Varsity double Evie Wasson (bow) and Sanjana Dixit (stroke) finished fifth in their flight and 13th overall.

Baldwin’s novice double of Ava Rosenberger (bow) and Samantha Baron (stroke) had a strong start, but were challenged by steering troubles and equipment malfunctions during their race. The double finished fourth in their heat and seventh in their event.

The Baldwin team is currently ranked fourth out of the 29 schools that have competed in girls’ sculling events in the Manny Flick regatta series. At this time last year, the team was ranked fifth out of 25 competitors.


Three of the Conestoga Crew Club crews finished the 2017 Horvat Series undefeated.

With the completion of the 2017 Manny Flick regatta series, the Conestoga Women’s Sculling Team finished in first place out of 29 teams to take home the Kate Godwin Points Trophy with a total of 262 points.

The Conestoga Men’s Sculling Team came in second place out of 36 schools in the competition to win the Horvat Series Trophy.  The Men’s team finished the season with 276 points, 24 points behind Malvern Prep.

The first of 16 races for Conestoga Crew Club at the 5th Manny Flick kicked off at 8:35 a.m. with the Novice boys single.  Edward Culbert finished a strong third behind Bonner Prendergast and Holy Spirit crews.

The boys Freshman 2x with Dawson Keyes and Joey Murray followed, finishing in third behind first place Upper Merion High School and second place Malvern Prep.

In the last of the sprint race for the Novice/Freshman boys, Teddy Gieske, Michael Wilson, Michael Malarkey and Luca Barton competed in the Novice 4x and finished in second place, 7.48 seconds behind Don Bosco Prep.

The boy’s JV/V sprint races kicked off at 9:10 a.m. with the lightweight boy’s double.  Liam Bobber and Frank Wang finished in fourth ahead of Roman Catholic.

The boys lightweight 4x – Kale Wiley, Sam Nalbone, Drew Tada and Leo Draper – raced down the Schuylkill and finished in second, 3.77 seconds behind Saratoga Rowing of Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

The boys Varsity 2x, with Shane Connell and Matt Balch finished in third behind Germantown Academy and Malvern Prep.

Seniors Max Amsterdam and Griffin Hamilton along with juniors Connor Sullivan and Zachary Simpson finished in second place, 2.59 seconds behind Malvern Prep, in a thrilling boys 4x race.

The middle of the day featured time-trial head races for a selection of boys and girl’s events. The Freshman boys 4x with Zachary Miles, Konstantin Markovic, Chase Ledwith and Marcos Dyer captured fifth place out of 13 boats.

Amir Zisling and Warren Zhao led their race of 16 boats and finished in fourth, 0.24 seconds out of third place in the boys Junior Varsity 2x.

In the last boys race of the day, the undefeated Junior Varsity 4x with Brenton Molsbergen, Cole Fogarty, Michael Medica and Evan Cain took captured another first-place finish in their 17-boat race.

Up next, the undefeated girls Junior Varsity 4x with Abigail Lewis, Blair Kennedy, Elena Lindquist and Katherine Stanton captured first place well ahead of 13 competitors.

In their first race of the season, the Novice 4x with Katherine Moir, Annie Studber, Lexi Bashe and Mira Harris finished in third place.   Also, racing for the first time this season, the girls Freshman 4x with Lily Bielinski, Annie Dudrear, Maggie Gosnear and Isobel Fellows finished in first place, 14.43 seconds ahead of Germantown Friends.

Racing in the girls Varsity single event, sophomore Natalia Bertolotti skillfully navigated the 1,500-meter course and finished in third place.  Holly Culbert and Leigh Burgess, finished with a second place finish, 3.95 seconds behind Germantown Friends in the Varsity 2x.

In the last race of the day, seniors Kate Hudson and Laura Alcorn along with junior Kate Concannon and sophomore Victoria Budike finished in first place, 4.98 seconds ahead of Ridgewood to remain undefeated for their fourth race of the season.

As the day came to a close, Conestoga coach Krystal Melendez said, “I was really looking forward to this race in particular.  Crews tend to find cohesive speed when they row longer distances and have the time to focus just on rowing.  We were able to do that over Spring Break training week.  It was great to see the boats implement new found skills and leave the water feeling proud of their races.”


Episcopal Academy

The Episcopal Academy entered 11 boats in the 5th and final Manny Flick Regatta (the Horvat Series) hosted by The Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association.  Episcopal entered three Novice boats, four JV boats and four Varsity boats in the final Manny Flick of the spring 2017 season.

The first Episcopal boat to race was the boys Varsity 8 +, which placed second in their flight with a time of 4:22.72 and was  comprised of  stroke Will Purtill; Nick Horbowy; Thomas Woodville; Peter LeRoux; Kyle Hogan; Harry Pusey; Luke Giordano; Tim Baker and cox Schuyler Kresge.

Next up were the boats racing in time trials – first up for Episcopal Academy was the Boys Novice 4 +, which placed first overall with a time of 5:14.28, and was composed of stroke Jack Rebillard; Owen Maier; Ian Reape; Aedan Yohannen and cox Rishab Nandan.

Next up for the Churchmen was the Boys Novice 8 +, which placed 10th overall (5:29.25), composed of stroke Adam Mauch; Billy Stavropoulos; Max Levinson; Matt Hinkley; Henry Scott; Nicholas Christos; Nick Bernabei; Dhruv Rahman and cox Laura Null.

The final two boys boats for Episcopal were headed up by the Boys JV 4 + which was made up of stroke Sam Pace; Rayhan Ali; Peter Tang; Jay Familetti and cox Myles Peter.  The Boys JV 4 + placed 20th overall (5:58.76).

Next up for the Churchmen was the Boys JV 8 + comprised of stroke Drew Landaiche; Nick Peyton; Alex Peters; McKee Bond; Peter Zirnkilton; Jake Landaiche; Jeff Li; Schuyler Sices and cox Robbie Copit, and placed 17th overall (5:14.42).

Next up for Episcopal (and still racing in time trials) was the Girls Novice 8 +, composed of stroke Natalie Horbowy; Lacey Rivera; Rae Keffer-Scharf; Natalie Johnston; Allison Lee; Cayla Beaulieu; Mikey Rymal; Katie Baker and cox Juliana Di Carlo.  This boat placed third (5:37.40).

Next up was the Girls JV 4 + – comprised of stroke Mollie Bonner; Remy Peskin; Hannah Pang; Alyssa Sheffy and cox Phoebe Barr.  The Girls JV 4 + placed 25th overall (6:50.64).

Immediately after was the Girls JV 4 X –  this boat was made up of stroke Alexandra Peyton; Morgan Gantt; Cat Spellman and Brooke Kraftson.  This boat placed fifth overall (5:33.00).

The final races of the day for the Churchwomen were the three Varsity Girls boats, which were not time trials.  First was the Varsity 2 X which included stroke Heidi Zirnkilton and Lizzie King.  This boat placed third in their flight (5:56.62).

Next up was the Girls Varsity 4 X which was made up of stroke Hannah Kaufhold; Bing Quan; Amanda Lee; Annin Decker and cox Lindsay Barber.  The Girls  Varsity 4 + placed fifth in their flight (6:17.65).

The final Varsity Girls boat of the day was the Girls Varsity 4 X – this boat was made up of stroke Josephine Konopka; Shannon Conlin ; Rachel Barber and Brooke Baxter.  The Girls Varsity 4 X placed third in their flight (5:22.18).

Malvern Prep

In the last many Flick Regatta before the City Championships, Malvern Crew continued to build on their solid spring performances.  The day started with Mani Venkatesh and Charlie Fish finishing second in their Freshman/Novice 2X, 19/100 of a second behind Upper Merion.

In the Boys Freshman 4X, CK Mao, Aidan Gallagher, Jason Kennedy and Edmund Park finished third, just one second behind Haddon Township.

The lightweight double of Pat Keenan and Sean Ward won their heat by five seconds over Shipley. The Varsity double of Christian Franck and Andre Quintilianti finished a close second to Germantown Academy by 7/100 of a second.

The Varsity 4x of Johnny McGlinn, Drew Brady, Casey Lauder and Walter Koch won came in first, 2.5 seconds ahead of Conestoga.

In the JV 2x, Ben Mankowski and AJ Wirtel finished second, five seconds behind Holy Spirit.

Malvern won the 2017 Horvat/Flick Sculling Trophy, recognizing the team which has accumulated the most points during the Spring Horvat/Flick series.

To view Malvern’s complete results click here


Radnor’s crew teams completed the Manny Flick Regatta Series with strong finishes heading in to the championship season. For the girls, the Freshman 4+ finished in ninth place:  Mila Glassman, Desynee Clark, Luna Macias, Taylor Stearns and coxswain Temmi Kallick.

The Freshman 8+, comprised of Tara Osbourne, Kylie Slupe, Megan Frei, Abby Chapin, Jill Getty, Sarah Frishman, Erick MacCormack, Lindsay Eggert and coxswain Courtney Gallagher, finished second in their heat and sixth overall.

The JV4+ finished ninth out of 28, and included Joanna Vines, Camille Mulder, Mackenzie Jones, Katie Gerber and coxswain Melissa Hunn.

The JV8+ rowed to a second place finish out of 14 boats and included Maddie Rubenstein, Ellisen Ching, Abby Frishman, Sammy Cohen, Liz Dustin, Katherine Bragdon, Ainsley Macrone, Rebecca Modell and coxswain Chloe Kerpius.

Julia Wi, Lexi Fogel, Jaimee Getty, Jenna Spray, Amanda Vitt, Elly Conklyn, Tessa Kilby, Olivia Zenouzi and coxswain Courtney Zajac took the Lightweight 8+ to a second place finish.

Rounding out the day, the Varsity 4+ finished seventh out of 17, and included Olivia Robinson, Anna Duffy, Kate McCulloch, Katie Dolan and coxswain Julia Lunger.

The Radnor boys entered entered boats in the 5th Manny Flick. The Freshmen 4+, comprised of Trevor Seits, Dan Holtz, Alfred Harris, Andrew Dunkel and coxswain Kendall Beverly finished the 1,500 meter race in 6:28.

The Freshmen 8+, which included John Janson, Jacob Frishman, Jack Ressler, Garrett Stearns, Yuh Kurose, Tommy Tropeano, Michael Ching, Gabe Escobar and coxswain Wells Larsen, finished 12th out of 15 boats with a time of 5:26.

Radnor entered two boats in the lightweight category. The first 4A+, which included Willem McGee, Ryan Conklyn, Braedon Meandro, Tommy Ciatto and coxswain Noah Pepper finished third in their heat with a time of 6:00. The 4B+, which included Nate Palmer, Patrick Kaper, Andrew Davis, Aidan Donnelly and coxswain John Talucci also finished third with a time of 5:25.

In the Varsity 2 category, Mike Fitzpatrick and Ben Palmer were second with a time of 5:48, while Ben Webster and Sam Bupp finished third with a time of 5:52.

The JV4+ finished third of 26 boats with a time of 5:19. Brett Lyons, Zach Tayler, Greg McNicholas, Chetin Atillasoy and coxswain Bela Hain rounded out this boat.

Finally, the Varsity 4+, comprised of Bob Subak, Milo Wilton, Noah Morris, Matt Palmer and coxswain Zahi Shalev finished third in their heat with a time of 4:58.

This race concluded the PSRA Manny Flick Series. Overall, the Radnor boys finished fifth of 38 teams in the sweep category, while the Radnor girls were fourth of 37 teams, thereby retaining Radnor crew’s title of best public school in the PSRA Sweep.

Sacred Heart

With the sun  shining at the 5th Manny Flick, Sacred Heart Crew was full strength as  the entire crew took to the Schuylkill River.

The JV 2X with Bridget Bergan and Dominique Marlin-Andrews sped to first in their heat and a very close  second overall in that event. Sacred Heart had two boats in the Lightweight 2X.  In the first heat were Marcella Marino and Lucia Gargano,  followed by Anna Carroll and Claire Friedlander, who finished first in the second heat and a strong third overall.

In the Varsity 2X was  senior Amanda Tolvaisa as bow and junior Joan Costello  as stroke; and in the Novice 4X, the Sacred Heart boat was bowed by sophmore Natasha Karnoto, with freshmen Veronica Washco, Anya McDonnell and Emily Gorski.

Sacred Heart rowers Sacred Heart sernior Amanda Tolvaisa junior Joan Costello row in the Varsity 2X in the 5th Manny Flick races April 23.



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