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2017 Mercury Area Boys Track & Field Preview


Coach: Jon Zellers, seventh season.

Last year’s record: 7-2 Pioneer Athletic Conference.

Athletes to watch: Robert Cavalari, Sr., throws; Jake Fretz, Sr., throws; Evan Gianetti, Sr., throws; Max Miller, Sr., sprints/middle distance/distance; Tim Miller Sr., throws; Mike Sesher, Sr., sprints/middle distance/distance; Todd Barton, Jr., middle distance/distance; Dominic DeRafelo, Jr., middle distance/distance; Josh Endy, Jr., middle distance/distance; Kollin Miller, Jr., middle distance/distance; Justin Smyth, Jr., middle distance/distance; Matt Stuetz, Jr., throws; Trevor Bellino, So., sprints/jumps; Brett Breidor, So., sprints/jumps; Payton Stanziani, So., sprints; Christian McComb, Fr., middle distance/distance.

Outlook: The Bears, who had 29 contestants hit the medal podium last spring, will be looking to fill in the gaps left by the graduation of such athletes as Dan Heller and Elijah Shalaway. … “We are a very young team that is depending on a strong group of seniors and the underclassmen to step it up,” Zellers said. “Sixty seven percent of the team consists of sophomores and freshmen.  Who will step up is the big question? I will lean on an experienced group of coaches for this year’s success. I am anxious and excited to hit the track and field with a great group of kids.”


CO-Coaches: Russ Keith, seventh season; Bob Reismiller, second season.

Last year’s record: 6-1 Berks Conference.

Athletes to watch: Tyler Brown, Sr., throws; Jon Coaxum, Sr., sprints/jumps; Matt Glady, Sr., middle distance/distance; Ty Mueller, Sr., throws; Zak Reagan, Sr., middle distance/distance; Diego Santos, Sr., middle distance/distance; Ethan Shane, Sr., middle distance/distance; Jack Zummo, Sr., middle distance/distance; Branden Cody, Jr., hurdles; Jason Cremi, Jr., sprints/jumps;  Adam Davis, Jr., middle distance/distance; Josh Heffner, Jr., middle distance/distance; Ben Hofmanner, Jr., middle distance/distance; Tom Lynagh, Jr., throws; Spencer McIntosh, Jr., sprints/throws; Nasim Muhammad, Jr., sprints/jumps; Zach Murray, Jr., middle distance/distance; Liam Summers, Jr., middle distance/distance; Jan Vasquez, Jr., middle distance/distance.

Outlook: The Blazers’ ranks are bolstered by such underclassmen as sophomores David Eurillo (jumps), Noah Harris (jumps), Ryan Miller (throws) and Zach Mueller (hurdles) and freshmen Anthony DeFusco (jumps), Zach Huddleston (throws), Alex Pingitore (middle distance/distance) and Ben Spotts (sprints). … “Great turnout this season, with over 60 team members,” Keith said. “A well-balanced mix of upperclassmen and underclassmen. Improved depth in the sprints, jumps, and hurdles. Team success will be dependent on producing top level athletes to compete for end-of-season big meets.”


Coach: Bill Yinger, 15th season.

Last year’s record: 4-1 Mid-Atlantic Prep League.

Athletes to watch: Tony Adewole, Sr., sprints/jumps; Jay Carter, Sr., sprints; Jake Fetterman Sr., pole vault; Xavier Friel, Sr., middle distance/distance; Tony Levesque, Sr., sprints; Willem Mills, Sr., throws; Nico Perez-Fernandez, Sr., jumps; Reed Bauer, Jr., distance; Phil Bell, Jr., middle distance; Daniel Adeboboye, Jr., throws; Ali Kenneh, Jr., sprints; Griffin Lehman, Jr., throws; DaQuan Morris, Jr., sprints; Ryan Wallace, Jr., sprints; Damian Walsh, Jr., hurdles/pole vault; Tucker Dunn, So., distance; Yeob Kim, So., jumps; Trent Lopata, So., middle distance; Tim Youndt, So., hurdles; Shazib Umer, Fr., distance.

Outlook: The Blues are bolstered by such talented newcomers as seniors Jack Bowen and Donnell Hill, sophomores Bennett Booth-Genthe and Ville Wilpola and freshman Owen Scott. … “The team looks to be solid in all facets this year,” Yinger said. “We have more depth than we have had in the past, and we look to challenge teams consistently all year. The team will battle for top individual spots in the league in a number of events, and we should also be tough competitors in the Independent School State meet again. We will look for a key group of seniors to lead us to success and, with a little luck and no bad injuries, we should find that success.”


Coach: Chris Shaffer, second season.

Last year’s record: 8-1 Pioneer Athletic Conference.

Athletes to watch: Josh Brycki, Sr., distance; Jared Christman, Sr., jumps; Mike Clark, Jr., distance; Nick Defilippis, Sr., distance; Ryan May, Sr., throws; Chase Reber, Sr., throws; Karan Singh, Sr., throws;  Lucas Carr, Jr., sprints/jumps; Zack Gribosh, Jr., sprints/jumps; Max Jones, Jr., sprints/jumps; John Keenan, Jr., sprints/jumps/throws; Justin Leggin, Jr., distance; Pat Maloney, Jr., throws; Josh Newman, Jr., sprints; Aiden O’Leary, Jr., distance; Alex Yablonski, Jr.; Tom Chimes, So., distance; Tonee’ Ellis, So., throws; Chris Meehan, So., sprints; Leland Merskey, So., throws; Sean Ritchie, So., distance; Dan Tabor, So., sprints; Matt Weisenberger, So., jumps

Outlook: Six freshmenAndrew Bregman (jumps), Josh Clark (jumps), Chris Huber (hurdles), Nick Olivieri (hurdles/jumps), Mike Torcini (sprints), Matt Varghese (distance) — are also in the mix for the Warriors. …  “I really like the makeup of this team,” Shaffer said, “and I have been very pleased with the team’s work ethic and intensity. They have already shown a great attitude towards their training and have been working really hard. Although we experienced some significant losses due to the departure of one of our most talented group of seniors last year, this team is looking to make another run and be very competitive in the PAC League.”


Coach: Milton Williams.

Last year’s record: NA.

Athletes to watch: Sean Bryant, Jr., middle distance; Tyler McCray, Jr., middle distance; Koran Butler, So., middle distance; Austin Montgomery, Fr., sprints;

Outlook: “We have a very talented team,” Williams said, “and we have some depth, especially on the boys side. We are really looking to maximize our potential and overcome some hurdles to not only be one of the better teams in state, but also regionally and nationally. I believe we learned a lot about ourselves from the indoor season, and I believe that experience will carry us to some tremendous heights for the outdoor season.”


Coach: Tim Marcoe, second season.

Last year’s record: 4-5 Pioneer Athletic Conference.

Athletes to watch: Sean Barone, Sr., distance; Conor Murray, Sr., distance; Austin Seaman, Sr., jumps; Manny Burgos, Jr., throws; Jake Canale, Jr., jumps; Liam Conway, Jr., distance; Gavin Hendershot, Jr., sprints/hurdles; Andrew Malmstrom, Jr., distance; Kyle Malmstrom, Jr., distance; Andrew Vance, Jr., jumps; Cory Wright, Jr., sprints/hurdles; David Brunton, So., distance; Mo Gentry, So., sprints/hurdles; Aidan Hayward, So., throws; Scott Honicker, So., sprints/hurdles; Bronson Kilroy, So., jumps; Arnoldo Montagano, So., throws; Quentin Sherwood, So., distance.

Outlook: “The boys are looking forward to building upon their success from last season and continuing to improve from their marks from last season,” Marcoe said. “The boys are young, but we have been emphasizing that with hard work and commitment day in and day out, they can compete with anybody in the league and district.”


Coach: Joe Petsko, 11th season.

Last year’s record: 4-5 Pioneer Athletic Conference.

Athletes to watch: Jake Degenshein, Sr., throws; Vaughn Stolzer, Sr., throws; Alex Wirth, Sr., throws; Alex Wagoner, Sr., distance; Ryan Dao., Jr., sprints; Josh Magee, Jr., hurles; Adam Styer, Jr., distance; Dylan Taylor, Jr., pole vault; Isaiah Domine, So., sprints; Colin Peterson, So., jumps; Jason Wagner, So., throws.

Outlook: “A talented but young group of Vikings looks to make a name for itself this season,” Petsko said. “Seniors Alex Wirth and Jake Degenshein look to finish their high school careers in the javelin while sophomores Isaiah Domine, Jason Wagner and Cole Peterlin look to emerge and take strong leadership roles for this team. The boys are looking forward to a great season.”


Coach: Justin Winters, fourth season.

Last year’s record: 2-7 Pioneer Athletic Conference.

Athletes to watch: Mitchell Coll, Sr., throws; Matt Garcia, Sr., sprints/hurdles; Wesley Snider, Sr., sprints/hurdles; Matt Tweedie, Sr., pole vault; Aaron Hin, Jr., middle distance/distance; Jon Miller, Jr., throws; Sean O’Neill, Jr., sprints/hurdles; Christian Schaaf, Jr., middle distance/distance; Connor Wilchusky, So., middle distance/distance.

Outlook: Freshman Gabe Puleo is also in the mix for the Phantoms. … “The boys have had a strong influx of talent on the sprinting and throwing side – and we remain strong in the distance and jumping events. If some of our younger athletes can mature and learn to compete quickly, we will be in the hunt for a division title.”


Coach: Lisa Cagliola, second season.

Last year’s record: 1-8 Pioneer Athletic Conference.

Athletes to watch: R.J. Casey, Sr., throws; Ryan Dileva, Sr., jumps; Robert Erwin, Sr., middle distance/distance; Joe Kleinot, Sr., jumps; Matt Lohr, Sr., sprints/hurdles; Nick Mead, Sr., throws; Brendan Rau, Sr., throws; Jordan Shemonski, Sr., throws; Ricky Bearden, Jr., sprints/hurdles; Shane McKeon, Jr., middle distance/distance; Christian Caiola, Jr., sprints/hurdles; Nick Galbraith, Jr., throws; Sal Marano, So., sprints/hurdles; Jack Phillips, So., middle distance/distance; Nick Rosenkrans, Jr., throws; J.P. Schiele, So., middle distance/distance;

Outlook: “We are looking forward to competing in the newly organized conference,” Cagliola said, “and hope to finish well in the Frontier Division, as well as conference championships.”


Coach: Larry Rechtin, 28th year

Last year’s record: 2-7 Pioneer Athletic Conference.

Athletes to watch: Garion Coddington, Sr., distance; Andy Lin, Sr., distance; Michael Neeson, Sr., distance; Nate Yuchimiuk, Sr., hurdles; Kobey Baldwin, Jr., sprints; Ashon Calhoun, Jr., sprints; Rahsul Faison, Jr., sprints; Cole Goldcamp, Jr., distance; Avery Grant, Jr., sprints; Jason Hein, Jr., throws; Ephraim Hurt-Ramsey, Jr., throws; Angel Zamorano, Jr., throws; Michael Ziegler, Jr., jumps; Justin Adams, So., throws; Gabe Craig, So., distance; LaRee Hills, So., distance; Jay Sisko, So., distance; Jared Smith, So., jumps.

Outlook: A trio of sophomore sprinters — Ryan Curnew, Simon Keen, Isaiah Taylor — complements the Falcons’ roster. … “Pottsgrove boys track and field looks to rebound from a down season last year, where we had a 2-7 league record,” Rechtin said. “We do have an excellent ninth grade class coming in and return a large number from last year. With the addition of a couple of very talented first year upperclassmen, we should be improved and hope to compete for the inaugural Frontier Division title of the PAC this season. I am very excited to see how this team develops over the next few months.”


Coach: Mary Ann Wood Hill, 29th season (34th overall).

Last year’s record: 6-3 Pioneer Athletic Conference.

Athletes to watch: Sprint/Hurdles/Jumps – Martin Metzgar, Jamal Adams, Jacob Howard, Aaron Diamond, Gionkirk Kimmel, Emmanuel Toussaint,  Marvin Pearson, Kyleef Warren; Distance-Khalif Burgess, Michael Baker, Jacob Bosko, Nick Wilson, Shane Langevin, Ameer DeLeon-Lindsey, Reilly Dugan, Jaimie Sharp; Throws-Nyles Rome, Destyn Snyder, Ernest McCalvin, Eric Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Elijah Migala, Gavin Miller, Will Minnick; Pole Vault-Alex Cabellero, AJ Ecker, William Foster.

Outlook: The Trojans will need to replace the point production of Justin Beasley-Turner, London Gregory and Brandon Tinson, the trio was the top scorers from the 2016 season.


Coach: Danielle Stauffer, third season.

Last year’s record: 9-0 Pioneer Athletic Conference.

Athletes to watch: Brett Aldinger, Sr., throws; Chris Aldinger, Sr., throws; Chris Carbone, Sr., sprints; Evan Horrocks, Sr., sprints; Zak Musetti, Sr., jumps; Patrick Power, Sr., middle distance; Stone Scarcelle, Sr., sprints; Chad Smiley, Sr., pole vault; James Wong, Sr., hurdles; Shane Ainscoe, Jr., distance; Stephen Chapman, Jr., hurdles; JT Clark, Jr., middle distance; Justin DeFrancesco, Jr., sprints; Tyler Edwards, Jr., jumps; Jacob McKenna, Jr., distance; Jake Pajovich, Jr., throws; Zach Smith, Jr., distance; Blaize Scarcelle, Fr., hurdles.

Outlook: The Rams are going after their seventh straight PAC title, even while losing standout seniors like John Connor, Colin Crosbie, Chris Fennimore, Tim Rudderow and Tyler Uba. They are hoping their depth – especially in the mid distance/distance areas – will carry them this season. … “We have a large group of boys with a lot of track experience,” Stauffer said, “We are looking forward to our first meet to give all an opportunity to see what they can accomplish. Our goals are to compete for the championship and advance as many as possible to districts and states. Our main goal is to work hard and have fun through individual and team achievement.”


Coach: Allison Phantavong, first season.

Last year’s record: 4 wins Suburban One League.

Athletes to watch: Chime Amaefuna, So., middle distances.

Outlook: “The Vikings have been training hard and gearing up for their first meet of the 2017 season,” Phantavong said. “With quite possibly our largest freshman class to join track and field in the past few years, the coaches and teammates are excited to see where the growth of the team will take them. The team is hoping to see some strength in our numbers as returning members and newcomers set their season goals. Though the team is young, the athletes are working hard, and the coaches are optimistic about the 2017 season.”


Coach: Dave Dusza, first season.

Last year’s record: 1-8 Pioneer Athletic Conference.

Athletes to watch: Sam Daub, Sr., middle distance/distance; Ryan Casola, Jr., jumps; Evan Hanney, Jr., pole vault; Colby Hetrick, Jr., sprints/hurdles; Cameron Junk, Jr., distance/middle distance; Logan Hollingsworth, So., throws; Tyrese Reid, Fr., sprints/hurdles, jumps.

Outlook: The Indians are looking to replace the likes of Austin Bittenbender, Mike Felix, Juan Liguaro, Eli Soto and Christian Zerra, all gone the graduation route. … “We are looking forward to this year, to grow and compete in the league,” Dusza said. “We have a young team with some talent, and are looking to build upon it. The coaches are looking for our seniors on the team to lead the younger guys and show them the ropes. In addition to that, we are looking to improve on our record from last year.”



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