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Episcopal Academy crew team shines at Manny Flick #2

The Episcopal Academy crew team had a fine showing at the 2nd Manny Flick Regatta (the Horvat Series) hosted by The Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association.  Episcopal entered five JV boats and three Varsity boats and had a number of high finishes.

The first Episcopal boat to race was the Girls JV 2X – 2 (stroke): Catherine Spellman and 1: Hannah Kaufold.  Their boat placed third in the event with a time of 6:31.71.

Next up was the Girls JV 4+ – 4 (Stroke): Alyssa Sheffy; 3: Remy Peskin; 2: Hannah Pang; 1: Mollie Bonner; and cox Nitya Ampani.  The Girls JV 4+ placed 11th overall with a time of 6:49.74.

The first Episcopal boys boat of the day was the Boys JV 4+ – 4 (stroke): Andrew Landaiche; 3: Jake Landaiche; 2: Rayhan Ali; 1: Schuyler Sices; and cox Myles Peter.  Their boat placed eighth overall with a time of 5:51.07.

They were followed by the final Episcopal girls JV boat of the day – the Girls JV 4X who placed fourth overall with a time of 5:23.61.  Their boat included the following athletes – 4 (stroke): Alexandra Peyton; 3: Morgan Gantt; 2: Rachel Barber; 1: Brooke Kraftson.

The final JV rowers of the day from The Episcopal Academy were the Boys JV 8+ comprised of8 (stroke): Luke Giordano; 7: Jeff Li; 6: Peter Zirnkilton; 5: McKee Bond;  4: Alexander Peters;  3: Samuel Pace; 2: Peter Tang; 1: Nicholas Peyton;  and cox  Robert Copit.  The sole JV boys boat from The Episcopal Academy placed ninth overall with a time of 5:02.01.

The first Varsity rowers from The Episcopal Academy were the Girls Varsity 4+ – 4 (stroke): Elizabeth King; 3: Annin Decker; 2: Bing Quan; 1: Amanda Lee; and cox Phoebe Barr.  The Girls Varsity 4+ placed sixth overall with a time of 5:48.34.

Next up in the Varsity category from The Episcopal Academy was the Girls Varsity 4 X who placed second overall with a time of 5:12.52.  This boat included the following athletes – 4 (stroke): Josephine Konopka; 3: Shannon Conlin; 2: Heidi Zirnkilton; and 1: Brooke Baxter.

The final Episcopal Academy race of the day was the Boys Varsity 8+ – 8 (stroke): William Purtill;  7: Nicholas Horbowy; 6: Thomas Woodville; 5: Peter LeRoux; 4: Kyle Hogan; 3: James Pusey; 2: Colson Andrews; 1: TImothy Baker; and cox Schuyler Kresge. The boys Varsity 8+ from Episcopal placed fourth overall with a time of 4:21.33.



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