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Mercury-Area Top Three Swim Times


This past Saturday’s Perkiomen Valley Invitational did a number on the Pottstown Mercury Area’s top three swim times. Get all the season’s latest clockings from meets prior to Feb. 20 below:


200 medley relay: Boyertown (Ivan Escott, Nolan Benner, Owen Miller, Patrick Lance), 1:39.17; Owen J. Roberts (Ryan King, Matt Snyder, Jordan Roach, Matt Rantz) 1:40.79; Spring-Ford (Carson Hilliard, Carson Huff, Sean Laing, Noah Cancro), 1:41.99.

200 free: Ryan Bowker (OJR), 1:46.61; Ryan Keenan (PV), 1:48.24; Ivan Escott (BT), 1:48.51.

200 IM: Ivan Escott (BT), 1:59.37; Carson Huff (SF), 2:01.25; Noah Cancro (SF), 2:01.62.

Diving: Max Gallagher (OJR), 461.25; Weston Brousseau (NT), 426.70; Evan Brzoska (PV), 377.00.

50 free: Noah Cancro (SF), 21.99; Aidan McNally (UM), 22.30; Logan Baker (OJR), 22.32.

100 fly: Patrick Lance (BT), 52.45; Owen Miller (BT), 53.53; Jordan Roach (OJR), 53.87.

100 free: Patrick Lance (BT), 47.91; Simon Crew (OJR), 49.45; Joe Guiliano (DB), 49.51.

500 free: Ethan Hinz (PV), 4:57.07; Ryan Keenan (PV), 4:57.07; Ryan Bowker (OJR), 5:01.01.

200 free relay: Upper Merion (Justin Ardamoy, CJ Besz, Salamy, Aidan McNally), 1:29.50; Owen J. Roberts (Simon Crew, Matt Rantz, Logan Baker, Ryan Bowker) 1:30.27; Boyertown (Stephen Cisik, Nolan Benner, Oliver Tye, Ivan Escott), 1:32.05.

100 back: Carson Huff (SF), 54.40; Matthew Marsh (PV), 55.23; Mikey Prior (PG), 55.39.

100 breast: Noah Cancro (SF), 1:01.78; Matt Snyder (OJR), 1:02.05; Justin Ardamoy (UM), 1:02.84.

400 free relay: Boyetown (Ivan Escott, Oliver Tye, Owen Miller, Patrick Lance), 3:15.82; Spring-Ford (Matt Skilton, Carson Huff, Carson Hilliard, Noah Cancro), 3:16.60; Perkiomen Valley (Matthew Marsh, Ryan Keenan, Michael Yannantuono, Jake Gamble), 3:17.14.


200 medley relay: Phoenixville (Kathryn Bland, Maddie Cooke, Emily Fabius, Katya Hayward), 1:48.41; Boyertown (Gracie McKee, Emily Drabick, Teresa Draves, Cara Megill), 1:51.41; Methacton (Victoria Zang, Emily Sykes, Sara Fleck, Anna Price), 1:51.43.

200 free: Cara Megill (BT), 1:56.95; Emily Sykes (MT), 1:57.78; Mikayla Niness (OJR), 1:58.71.

200 IM: Emily Sykes (MT), 2:07.04; Maddie Cooke (PHX), 2:13.81; Morgan Hansen (OJR), 2:14.33.

Diving: Caroline Turner (PHX), 463.10; Julie D’Amore (MT), 435.05; Camaryn Rodriguez (MT), 372.40.

50 free: Maddie Cooke (PHX), 23.86; Megan Hall (UM), 24.14; Laurel Fink (OJR), 25.25.

100 fly: Emily Sykes (MT), 57.37; Morgan Pappas (OJR), 58.95; Morgan Hansen (OJR), 58.98.

100 free: Laurel Fink (OJR), 54.30; Alyssa Marano (PV), 54.94; Mikayla Niness (OJR), 55.25.

500 free: Cara Megill (BT), 5:14.75; Emily Sykes (MT), 5:15.09; Megan Hall (UM), 5:20.35.

200 free relay: Phoenixville (Kathryn Bland, Katya Hayward, Emily Fabius, Maddie Cooke), 1:38.68; Methacton (Emily Sykes, Victoria Zang, Sara Fleck, Anna Price), 1:41.11; Owen J. Roberts (Madison Gadzicki, Mikayla Niness, Morgan Hansen, Laurel Fink), 1:41.53.

100 back: Kathryn Bland (PHX), 1:00.18; Gracie McKee (BT), 1:00.73; Liz Hussin (PHX), 1:02.21.

100 breast: Maddie Cooke (PHX), 1:03.88; Emily Sykes (MT), 1:06.12; Carlie Owens (DB), 1:11.23.

400 free relay: Methacton (Emily Sykes, Victoria Zang, Sara Fleck, Anna Price), 3:38.19; Owen J. Roberts (Alexa Luecke, Laurel Fink, Morgan Hansen, Mikayla Niness), 3:42.35; Perkiomen Valley (Elizabeth Turner, Colleen O’Brien, Kathryn Baker, Alyssa Marano), 3:45.71.

Based on times reported.



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