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New PIAA pitch count guidelines set

The PIAA released its new guideline in regard to pitch counts and required days of rest.

It breaks down like this:

76-100 total pitches – 3 calendar days of rest

51-75 total pitches – 2 calendar days

26-50 total pitches – 1 calendar day

1-25 – no rest required.

If a pitcher reaches the maximum pitch count permitted in a calendar day during an at bat, that pitcher will be permitted to continue to pitch to that batter, or any substitute for that batter, until such batter is put out or reaches base, or until a third out has been made prior to the end of that at bat.

  • No pitcher may appear in more than two consecutive days of competition
  • The maximum pitch limitation is 200 pitches in a Calendar Week. If a pitcher is permitted to throw more than 100 pitches to complete an at-bat, that pitcher will be credited with 100 pitches for the appearance.
  • Scorekeepers are requested to frequently confer with one another to confirm pitch counts (no less than once per inning). If a discrepancy occurs between the visiting and home pitch counts that can’t be resolved, the scorebook of the home team shall be the official book.
  • A representative of each school must record pitch counts for their players in MaxPreps no later than the team’s next regularly scheduled contest.



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