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Boys Swimming: Delco Top Times, Feb. 1

It’s been a long time coming, but our Delco Times top times lists are finally ready to go, showcasing the top times in each individual event for Delco swimmers. Times are from dual meets and in-season high school invitationals reported to the Daily Times through Jan. 31. All times are for swims in yards, and shown are the top 10 results for each event (top 12 for 50 free and 100 free given relay prevalence). For any questions or corrections, please email

200 freestyle: Matt Haigh (Haverford School) 1:43.30. Samuel Hawke (Episcopal Academy) 1:45.75. David Mitchell (Haverford School) 1:46.48. Ben Baturka (Episcopal Academy) 1:46.62. Brian Brennan (Haverford School) 1:46.98. Daniel Rosenberger (Penncrest) 1:48.84. Mike Paul (Penncrest) 1:49.02. Collin Pettit (Haverford) 1:49.03. Steve Giannella (Radnor) 1:49.28. William Resweber (Strath Haven) 1:50.11.

200 individual medley: Charlie Ryan (Haverford School) 1:55.85. Ivan Puskovitch (Episcopal Academy) 1:57.69. Ben Baturka (Episcopal Academy) 1:58.61. Brian Brennan (Haverford School) 1:59.64. James El-Deiry (Radnor) 2:01.22. Justin Haffner (Penncrest) 2:02.01. Alex Boratto (Haverford School) 2:02.29. Steve Chen (Radnor) 2:02.56. Johnny Truax (Marple Newtown) 2:03.27. Oliver Yancey (Strath Haven) 2:03.83.

50 freestyle: Alex Boratto (Haverford School) 21.47. Greg Giannella (Radnor) 22.05. Wesley Yancey (Strath Haven) 22.05. Brian Brennan (Haverford School) 22.21. Patrick Cullen (Radnor) 22.30. Charlie Ryan (Haverford School) 22.35. David Mitchell (Haverford School) 22.44. Harrison White (Haverford School) 22.53. Matt Phillips (Haverford) 22.57. Leo Goldszal (Haverford) 22.73. Steve Giannella (Radnor) 22.79. Clayton Bowes (Radnor) 22.81.

100 butterfly: Charlie Ryan (Haverford School) 51.38. Alex Boratto (Haverford School) 52.04. Ben Baturka (Episcopal Academy) 52.74. Daniel Rosenberger (Penncrest) 53.89. JR Leitz (Haverford School) 54.06. Steve Chen (Radnor) 54.25. Ethan Cai (Radnor) 54.26. Brian Brennan (Haverford School) 54.55. Donnie Taziole (Ridley) 54.66. Ivan Puskovitch (Episcopal Academy) 55.09.

100 freestyle: Alex Boratto (Haverford School) 47.35. Charlie Ryan (Haverford School) 47.64. Matt Haigh (Haverford School) 48.28. Sam Hawke (Episcopal Academy) 48.28. Brian Brennan (Haverford School) 48.56. David Mitchell (Haverford School) 48.58. Greg Giannella (Radnor) 48.84. Sean Adams (Strath Haven) 49.06. Daniel Rosenberger (Penncrest) 49.12. Mike Paul (Penncrest) 49.72. Clayton Bowes (Radnor) 49.88. Patrick Cullen (Radnor) 49.89.

500 freestyle: Ivan Puskovitch (Episcopal Academy) 4:40.80. Matt Haigh (Haverford School) 4:43.64. Ben Baturka (Episcopal Academy) 4:49.14. Dylan Keer (Marple Newtown) 4:50.51. Collin Pettit (Haverford) 4:52.91. William Resweber (Strath Haven) 4:53.09. Mike Paul (Penncrest) 4:54.90. Brian Brennan (Haverford School) 4:55.22. James El-Deiry (Radnor) 5:00.48. Joe O’Brien (Haverford School) 5:02.71.

100 backstroke: Alex Boratto (Haverford School) 50.94. Charlie Ryan (Haverford School) 52.29. Ben Baturka (Episcopal Academy) 53.45. Daniel Rosenberger (Penncrest) 55.79. JR Leitz (Haverford School) 55.84. Steve Giannella (Radnor) 55.99. Donnie Taziole (Ridley) 56.50. Mike Paul (Penncrest) 56.81. Matt Phillips (Haverford) 57.15. Will Russell (Haverford School) 57.34.

100 breaststroke: Harrison White (Haverford School) 1:01.03. Steve Chen (Radnor) 1:01.23. Oliver Yancey (Strath Haven) 1:01.98. David Abrahams (Haverford) 1:02.09. Matthew Bochanski (Haverford) 1:02.09. Johnny Truax (Marple Newtown) 1:02.43. Ivan Puskovitch (Episcopal Academy) 1:03.34. Alex Mitchell (Garnet Valley) 1:03.56. Ethan Cai (Radnor) 1:03.60. Justin Haffner (Penncrest) 1:03.67.

Diving: Andrew Owsiany (Episcopal Academy) 352.05. Steve Szathmary (Haverford) 282.61. Will Canny (Haverford) 276.38. Gene Gibbons (Ridley) 265.10. Will Coppola (Upper Darby) 257.50. Alec Tyminski (Haverford School) 235.55. Brian Collingwood (Haverford) 229.29. Vlad Puskovitch (Episcopal Academy) 222.15. Joseph Laird (Garnet Valley) 211.15. Christian Reusche (Radnor) 209.05.



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